• emojiIBD

    a TEEN's guide to help

    manage and live with IBD


    emojiIBD has been designed by teens - for teens

    (with some help from Doctors and Nurses along the way)


    *coming soon on FB Messenger and Kik*

  • Tell Me More!


    By delivering bite-sized education, reminders, and tracker messages that are engaging and personalized, we expect to grab your attention and empower you

    The platform has been designed to support you – by delivering personalized content and functionality at the right time based on your unique health journey.


    imagine you had a friend who really understood IBD and they wanted to chat with you about it everyday...

    daily messages from emojiibd are like hearing from a friend who's wants to walk through this healthcare journey with you.


    As your new ally, we will send you a couple of engaging educational messages everyday

    We want to help you learn everything you need to know about managing IBD... so you can be your best

  • Education


    we make information ... fun!!

    So much to learn about your health. So we make it fun by delivering bite sized information everyday in a way that puts you in control. Read just a bit - or dive in and become an expert :-)


    Because you have enough to remember

    Our platform helps you set up alerts to help you stay on track with your medication(s), doctors appointments, and anything else you need to remember!


    So you always know how you're doing

    Managing IBD is a lot of work, and you deserve to be rewarded for doing such a great job! We've built in a points system so we can help you monitor your progress and celebrate your achievements.


    For you and your health care provider

    There are a lot of peaks and valleys in managing IBD. We keep track of your mood, diet, sleep and fitness to help you and your health care providers come up with the best plan for you to live the highest quality of life possible.

  • how to engage with us

    it's as easy as .... 1 ... 2 .....3!!

    school of health

    1) go to Facebook Messenger or KIK


    2) search for



    3) click on emojiIBD

    & start a conversation


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    You + Us = Awesome.