emojihealth has gone to where teens are! Leveraging messaging technology to communicate through the channel that teens feel most comfortable. It’s their choice, whether that be FB, KIK, Apple Message, Google Allo or SMS.

emojihealth is a messaging platform that harnesses the power of visual communication – with a focus on emojis – to activate teens to better health and wellness.

By delivering bite-sized education, reminders, and tracker messages that are engaging and personalized, the solution grabs attention and delivers behaviour change. The platform has been designed to support all teens – whether they are healthy or live with a medical condition – by delivering personalized content and functionality at the right time based on their unique health journey.


We Message

We send condition education, reminders, tracker messages.


We Bot

We respond to teen questions about their healthcare using a combination of keywords, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.


We Personalize

We deliver personalized engagement based the users age, sex, condition(s),  medication(s), location. Personalization increases patient adherence and healthcare outcomes.

  • "I love when I get messages from you.  It's always so much fun to read."

    — FB User
  • "EmojiHEALTH is targeted towards teens and millennials, and encourages people to base their lives on health and wellness. Through an on-going conversation with pictures, quizzes, etc... it keeps their users engaged over time."
  • "emojihealth is uniquely positioned with its conversation approach to health-related content and advice. It has the potential to be a game changer in the healthcare space for teens"
    — Mark Jordan

How You Engage With Our Solutions

To use us on Facebook messenger, click here and say “hi” to get started.


Find us on Kik!  Go to the bot shop and search for “emojihealth”